We are proving high end product photo retouching with great quality. We are expert product photo retouching.

Not anymore.Prime Graphic Design, we offer the following photo retouching services to you, to never lose that perfect moment ever again!

Jewelry Retouching

Let us have a look at images you’ve taken of your jewelry, and we’ll retouch them, so that they look amazing and unbelievably eye catching! Jewelry photo retouching is little bit different than other retouching techniques. We offer Jewelry Photo Retouching or any Jewelry Photo Editing solutions for the jewelries having any type of complexity and made of any materials: from precious metals to costume jewelry, having and without having gems. Visit this page for Jewelry Photo Retouching Services.

Photo Restoration

As the name implies, this has mostly to do with images that have lost their quality over time, or home accidents like spilling water.  Whichever it is, worry not, we’re here to help. We’ll have a look at your images and fix them, so as to bring them to their original glory, or even better!

  • Repair Damaged photo

  • Repair Torn image

  • Restoration Black & white historical images

  • Restoration of Damp, Faded Photo

  • Restoration of Light-exposed image

  • Open Closed Eyes and Close open eyes

  • Photo Improvement using color hue balance & color correction

  • Adjustment of Tonal

  • Adjustment of White & gray balance

  • Removal of Red Eye

  • Extreme High End Products Retouching

Our experts handle these types of images on a regular basis, and have a good understanding how to fix images of each type. Contact us for any photo retouching or restoration services, We assure that you won’t be disappointed.